Signal Analysis

1:07 PM

Today's lesson was so great. The Professor was very smart. He didn't like to make a power point but he loves to teach us as far as he can. I didn't expect I should study math again. Signal Analysis is similar with algorithm, math, logical programming, linear equations, calculus, and so on. But, that's wonderful I should remember what kind of math that I am already studied a few years ago. When my prof taught us, I just remember Mr. Totok. He is my favorite teacher, unfortunately he was passed away a long long years ago. But, I become so curious with math again, because math remains me about him, I hope my math will get better and I can understand so many things in a better life. Although seems interesting, I have a half asleep because I am not okay, better than yesterday, of course. That's why until now I feel sleepy.

Alhamdulillah, today I met Indonesian people again, Mz Wahyono and Mz Laksono. And also, the Spanish people I forgot the name. I think they will help me to study this kind of course! Fighting!

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