Funny and Sophisticated Professor

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Today is my second course. So many people in my class, said my Prof. Actually I love this class because there are so many foreigners. I never thought that I will be on the same class with Mz Wahyono again, coz we are on the different lab, hahaha! Alhamdulillah there is an Indonesian people, so that I can ask him for help. There are 2 Bangladesh, 1 Nepali, and so many Korean people. But, I met Alexander, or we just called him Sasa. So funny, Sasa is a woman name in my country, but that's true. He came from Russia. In my opinion, he is so handsome with white skin, but my best friend here said that that's a common in Russian. In her eyes, Sasa just as usual man. Whatever, I like him, not only because of the skin or face, but the professor ask him many things, and he can answer it. He has a research on medical image processing. I'm kinda curious with this major, coz before coming here, I have an opportunity to study this case in another university but I didn't choose it. I prefer choose bioinformatics than this, but in real, this topic is very interesting.

Anyway, the point is not that, but the professor. He is so so, I think, not really handsome but we cannot say that he is bad. He is very funny with black glasses, a plain shirt, and a jacket. He is a mandatory professor in Biomedical and BioEngineering, interdisciplinary program in my university. I like him, he called me, Zaya, sometimes, Zara, haha! Maybe Korean cannot speak Arabic, because my name is in Arabic. He was amazing professor that shares many thing today, even just now, I still can feel that feeling. He is very unique. I never imagined that something like this will be happened in my life. My professor using lipstick or lip-balm in front of us. That's why I am rather speechless. He is a man but he used lip-balm. I know this is winter to spring. But, using lip-balm in front of class? I thought that I usually saw something like that in drama, but this is true, friends! Our professor using lip balm! More that three times, I think. He just smiled at me and used it. Also, he drink a cup of coffee or tea, too. But, I don't care about the situation, I just cannot imagine what kind of professor that will teach me? Until he told me every thing, I know, he is very kind and smart people!

Just that today, maybe tomorrow I will tell you my story again.
Kamsabhabnida chingu,..

Ulsan, March 4, 2014

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