From Library to Cafe, doing My Final Project :)

8:55 PM

Eiger from the front

Alhamdulillah... today!
Start @9 pm - 6 am, from library campus to cafe Eiger! But, 4 library which is changed again from before, I don't have its photo, maybe readers can see it on my post about Ganesha library :).
Just doing my final project with best friend or called brother :)

Today we just finished class diagram n activity diagram also a part of sequence. After dzhuhur n have lunch, we planned to go to Eiger at Jl Sumatra. Why? coz we're so bored doing final project on campus. So that, we decided to go to Eiger. Hahahaha, so funny readers, he took away using 'angkot'  caheum ledeng n then we must staring around Ciwalk to Sumatra! When this angkot arrived behind BIP, I was surprised that I even knew the way we must reach! It means: 
why must we prefer'angkot caheum ledeng' n spent much money to 'angkot BIP dago' which also take away to Jl Sumatra? with bip-dago we will spent less money! hahahaa
and then.... we arrived at Eiger. As my prediction, that Eiger was beside of Sushi Tei n in front of Export!
There, we ordered drinks! I ordered hot chocolate and he ordered cappuccino ice! So enjoyed, aren't we?
Nice tasted although the price was so wonderful, make me shock! But it's ok coz he payed it, syukron!
the last, we just finish our tasks and go home. Nice today, no bored again, alhamdulillah ^^

Hot Chocolate, really recommended!

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